Salesforce or VMware

Oct 28 17 Comments

For the similar TC and Level, which company would you choose to work for and why?

I know work and location are also big factors, let's assume they are similar too.

Thank you ๐Ÿ™

Current TC 285



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TOP 17 Comments
  • Riverbed Technology ydhnnana
    VMWare is dying company
    Oct 28 8
    • New / Product Maryam
      What do you think of VMwareโ€™s acquisition of Pivotal?
      Oct 28
    • HashiCorp Karla2018
      This is what I keep hearing too -that they are being replaced by Kubernetes.
      Oct 29
    • VMware @vmw2
      VMware is trying to stay ahead of this with ton of investment in Kubernetes. If you attended the last VMworld, it was like a cloud company!
      Oct 31
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Too much baggage. They are going Cisco route betting on inorganic growth via acquisitions. Not much innovation for the number of employees.
      Oct 31
    • VMware @vmw2
      I agree on too much. Waiting to see how the execution goes in the next 6 to 12 months.
      Oct 31
  • Salesforce. Why are you leaving Amazon though? Also where's your left arm ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Oct 28 1
    • Hitting the infamous 4 year compensation cliff at Amazon.
      I accidentally hit save on profile name before I could type the left arm, now stupid blind wouldn't let me grow that arm till tomorrow.
      Oct 28
  • VMware lftl00
    VMware has good benefits and WLB. Not sure of Salesforce.
    Oct 28 3
    • VMware techpunter
      Not really... It all depends on BU
      Oct 29
    • Salesforce ${}
      No one would beat Salesforce WLB. Could be a tie.
      Oct 29
    • @techpunter if you could tell which bu is having bad wlb ?
      Oct 30
  • Fastmail iquitamzn
    Sounds like itโ€™s in Bellevue.
    Oct 28 0
  • Salesforce sigmoid()
    Figure out which team and org in both before you enter. You could be bored out if your mind in either.
    Oct 29 0


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