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Oct 26 4 Comments

I’m currently a VP - head of product for a software company in dallas and I’m not interested in moving but doing something more challenging for a bigger rg. I’m interested in a Sr director role at Salesforce any one can help with an intro to the hiring manager or recuriter? PM me for more details.


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  • New / Sales $elling
    What kind of company are you working for? If you're working for a start-up, you should expect a senior manager or maybe as a stretch a director role.
    Oct 26 2
    • Salesforce TyFn26
      What makes you think a start up VP doesn’t qualify for a Sr Director role at Salesforce? I found Directors at Salesforce to be way overrated.
      Oct 26
    • New / Sales $elling
      Long experience and many friends who have made transitions from startups to larger companies. Your technical skills are probably stronger than the skills of a senior director at Salesforce, but there's a whole nother set of big company political skills that you probably don't have.

      I've known start-up VP with 20 years experience who required and couldn't negotiate anything more than a manager level title.
      Oct 26
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    Amazon Eng

    Anyone Hire Product Manager :)
    What level/tag is Director ?
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