Salesforce telephonic interview 1 HR no coding

AQR abdmsd
Mar 29, 2018 5 Comments

Recruiter told me there will be 1 hour telephonic interview no coding but all technical questions and questions on resume. But he was not able to give sample examples of questions that I can expect. Can anyone (who works at Salesforce or interviewed recently) tell me what type of questions I can expect. Like language knowledge based? concepts like distributed systems? I am confused because one hours seems to be too much to go on resume questions (with < 3 yrs experience)

This is for Einstein Analytics team Application development team.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Salesforce catty
    Theory of relativity maybe
    Mar 29, 2018 0
  • Salesforce UkIp66
    Tbh never heard of a non coding interview.
    Apr 4, 2018 1
    • Salesforce UkIp66
      What’s the title of the person interviewing you?
      Apr 4, 2018
  • AQR abdmsd
    not helping... :(
    Apr 3, 2018 0
  • Salesforce mayna
    Make sure you read the Book of Thor.
    Apr 3, 2018 0