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May 27 4 Comments

Does anyone know any place in bay area that sells meat japanese curry katsu rice that is the not sweet vegetable kind, but the authentic salty kind?

A similar example would be Coco Ichibanya or Monster Curry. Craving for it so bad 😫


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  • Tani's Kitchen in Daly City is probably the closest thing to CoCos. Volcano Curry in San Francisco is good for an American spot but it doesn't have the flavor that Tani's does. Fumi Curry and Ramen is also surprisingly good. Over The Bridge in Japantown is okay, but it's expensive and small-portioned.

    If you want to go together DM me. Japanese curry is my favorite.
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  • Google Elon Musk
    There’s a Mitsuwa down in San Jose that should have what you want. For Coco Ichibanya style curry, Demiya southbay hits the spot. 🤤
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  • Facebook / Retail bookfacer
    Muracci’s in SF
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    Lots of sushi places in downtown San Jose. Check there.
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