Samsara Engineering Director - US salaries

New HAwl88
May 1 5 Comments

Keen to hear if anyone knows what Samara pays TC for Director roles in Engineering, not a lot of information anywhere and don't want to be lowballed.


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  • Amplitude lonzo
    240 base
    May 1 0
  • New HAwl88
    Never mind. The process was completely random, made up as we went along, thought I knocked it out of the park in all the conversations, they came back with a auto response kinda rejection today. Honestly I think I'd stay away from the people I met, they didn't seem to have a clue of how to interview for the role, and most of the senior hires just seemed to have rolled in from cisco. Glad i side stepped that land mine
    May 16 2
    • Uber ShitIPO
      I’m considering a leadership role there and would love to hear your perspective. I was surprised by the fact that as a 15 yoe person pursuing a senior management role, they lined up my interview panel with really junior folks asking coding puzzles.
      Jun 29
    • New HAwl88
      I personally didn't see anything that would make me regret not getting a job there. But ymmv.
      Jun 30
  • Apple Chernobyl
    lol bitter rejectee. We probably realized that comp is all you cared about. The system worked :)
    Jul 10 0