Samsara On-site PM Interview

New / Product qwerasdop
Dec 19, 2018 4 Comments

I have my on-site coming up. What should I expect ? Any insight on the company culture would be super helpful.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Google L7@AWS
    they do a product demo which is cool
    Dec 20, 2018 3
    • New / Product qwerasdop
      What about the interview? How was your experience
      Dec 21, 2018
    • Google L7@AWS
      IIRC, two phone interviews with coderpad, and three on-site interviews with one of those being system design
      Dec 21, 2018
    • Google L7@AWS
      (Looks like you already have an on-site scheduled)

      Both of my coderpad interviews were more practical in the sense that they test software engineering skills more than leetcode. They had me build something and kept on adding requirements on top until I ran out of time

      On-site was more like a typical leetcode interview
      Dec 21, 2018