Samsung Austin GPU layoffs?

Nvidia / Acctg CHJm45
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Is it true there were layoffs at Samsung GPU recently?


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  • Samsung kOCw42
    Heard they got locked out overnight and 1 week to termination. Truly “at will”. Can’t imagine situation of engineers with visa.
    3d 2
    • Samsung statarb
      When did this happen?
    • Samsung kOCw42
      Maybe around 1-2 months. Read about Amd Samsung collaboration.
  • Samsung boof
    Why do you think it’s a rumor?
    4d 0
  • Samsung Doxq21
    u guys stop spreading useless rumours
    4d 0
  • Samsung statarb
    How recent? 30% across the board?
    6d 0
  • Samsung / R&D KCnz46
    Yes , around 30 %
    7d 0