San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology for Law Enforcement

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May 14 25 Comments


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  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    ‘authorities used the technology to help identify the suspect in the mass shooting at an Annapolis, Md., newspaper last June. But civil liberty groups have expressed unease about the technology’s potential abuse by government amid fears that it may shove the United States in the direction of an overly oppressive surveillance state’. Seriously?
    May 14 20
    • Microsoft PhitteMooh
      “You completely ignore the facts that these people are leaders of pro gun movement. Pro gun people accept them using their money to bribe politicians. So yeah, I can judge.”

      You completely ignored the fact that they all back pedaled. And no one is endorsing it but yet you are still at it
      May 15
    • Uber domin8
      Lol. Backpedaled? You mean AFTER the public outrage kicked in?
      May 15
    • Uber domin8
      Actually this is the problem. Pro gun community has complete evil nut cases representing them. I mean using their money to bribe politicians.

      The majority of pro gun people don't support the policies pushed by these idiots, but they keep paying them because Obama comes after their guns. 🤦🏻‍♂️
      May 15
    • Microsoft PhitteMooh
      “The majority of pro gun people don't support the policies pushed by these idiots,”

      There that’s what I was looking for. And this is bad on my part because you specifically mentioned lobbyists.
      May 15
    • Uber domin8
      Well, they don't, but they let them use their money and speak on behalf of gun owners.
      May 15
  • Databricks / Data

    Databricks Data

    500 Startups
    Bro it’s already bad enough that cops fuck over people if they mistake you for somebody worse, now it would be even shittyer if a computer fucked that up
    May 14 1
    • At least from news reports the accuracy on these things is borderline non-existent. I mean it's on par with a coin toss.
      May 15
  • Apple etubrute
    Name one case where a surveillance state was a success and didn’t lead to abuse?

    First point is they’re banning old rules written 10 years ago for very limited tech at the time. The PD wasn’t even using this tech so it doesn’t matter. Facial recognition software has vastly improved since then so we need more rules to be written in how to beat use this technology before is used completely unregulated with old grandfathered in laws. That’s what this effort is. The old laws need to be rewritten is all.

    Convince me I’m wrong.
    May 15 0
  • Uber domin8
    May 14 0