Satya Nadella getting a 66% percent raise

Chase / Eng (๑•﹏•)
Nov 2 19 Comments


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  • Snapchat snappity
    I think it’s a pittance considering Microsoft went from $34 to $144 a share in 5 years under his watch, besting all other mega caps during that time period.
    Nov 2 3
    • Intuit c9a4b
      Seriously, if he didn’t sign off on those buybacks, it could have never happened.
      Nov 2
    • Snapchat snappity
      lol you think the market cap increased from buybacks too?
      Nov 2
    • Intuit c9a4b
      Demand for shares raises share price. Market cap remains flat, as number of shares outstanding declines. But if you sell, you personally have more money than if the buybacks didn’t occur.
      Nov 2
  • Amazon gurndjdj
    If all Indian immigrants are Satya quality, US will be greater every day.
    Nov 2 0
  • Google / Eng Giwlgkwos
    I think if Google stock increased as much as Microsoft, we would be happy to pay Sundar Pichai as much as he is paid right now.
    Nov 2 1
    • Compass / Eng mmmmmmll
      Goog always looking after its underperformers
      Nov 2
  • Roku de Vil
    Are you not following the stock?
    Nov 2 1
    • Intel LEtestar
      Clearly not. Those numbers speak volumes.
      Nov 2
  • LinkedIn cd-
    Well deserved. Now, tax the shit out of him.
    Nov 2 0
  • Qualcomm yo69yo69
    Always bet on takla
    Nov 2 0
  • Cruise Automation

    Cruise Automation

    Tesla Motors, Facebook
    Ex-Tesla, Ex-FB Tech Lead
    Way better than Tim Apple
    Nov 2 2
    • Microsoft mJNz11
      Satya Microsoft
      Nov 2
    • Amazon jdtehd
      Way better than Pichai
      Nov 5
  • Netflix the.oa
    Deserved I guess. But I mean I think a couple of dozen CEOs could have done the same thing with the company. Everyone but Ballmer knew what to do. Shit even Ballmer knew what to do and already started in that direction but the board knew the stagnation was stinking up the joint and Ballmer needed to go.

    Congrats Nutella’s. Sweet windfall.
    Nov 2 1
    • Snapchat snappity
      The last thing Ballmer did before throwing up the towel was the buy Nokia for 7.5B. All of that had to be written off a couple of years later. That’s just one of a series of missteps Ballmer took.
      Nov 2
  • Microsoft
    Tier 1


    #1 in Prestige
    Tier 1more
    Give him a 10x raise

    I say this as a shareholder, employee, and customer.
    Nov 2 0
  • New OPqa80
    Well, he's doing what Microsoft should have done years ago. So, I guess that needed a lot of leadership and strategizing.
    Nov 2 0
  • Intuit c9a4b
    I think I deserve a 66% raise
    Nov 2 0


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