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Saw a LinkedIn Post from sexual harassment company CEO

Airbnb Ruburb
Jan 10

I just saw a LinkedIn post from the CEO of a 30 people startup I once worked for. He was writing about some stereotypical tech inspiration shit like “you are limitless” “forget your fears”.
This particular company, this guy, heard my complaints about sexual harassment, decided to “punish” the harasser with more work from home days, and fired me half a year later because of “performance reasons”. What a piece of shit.
So tempted to leave a reply saying “whatever. Glad I survived your shit hole company and found a better place.” Or something sarcastic like “be fearless of your firing due to sexual harassment”.
I’m bound though. Signed one of those agreements for pennies. Fuck the system.


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  • Indeed / Other


    I hate those stupid ass motivational posts. It usually from the dude who does the least work on the team 😂
    Jan 101
    • Clover Health / Engdoenfh
      This is so fucking true
      Jan 10
  • Clover Health / Engdoenfh
    Actually, if you can prove it, those agreements are null and void.
    Jan 100
  • Google 9yearold
    Moral of the story, don't believe stereotypical virtue signalling.
    Jan 100
  • Those who go around posting such shitty inspirational posts are actually the supporters of abusive and crappy work environment
    Jan 100

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