Seattle University: 2/6 AWA. Hopes of admit?

Amazon ifTx37
Feb 3 8 Comments

These are my friend's scores.
GRE: 301/(161 QA + 140 V), 2 in AWA
Profile is good. Btech Cs from top 150 govt college in India. Good interns but 0 work ex as she is recent graduate.
She is slightly worried about AWA score. Do u guys have any personal experiences of admits with low awa scores.
She's also applied for UW Bothell, NEU, UW Tacoma but Seattle University is main Target due to proximity to downtown.

Since scores have already been sent once to these univs(3 free after exam), slightly wary of attempting again and resending scores.


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  • Amazon B1nd1ya
    Don't know if it's a deal breaker or not but admits are about more than scores. I've seen people with shit GMAT scores get into UW MBA program (and succeed) because they had great stories in their essays. Arguably that is program that requires communication skills in a far greater degree than an engineering program.

    One of my classmates was a woman from the hinters of Bihar who walked 20 km just to get to school. Against her family wishes. Paid for her MBA herself. Schools take those stories into consideration as well
    Feb 3 0
  • Amazon Zji87(
    This GRE score though..
    Feb 3 3
    • Amazon ifTx37
      Is 2 in AWA complete deal breaker. She has rural educational background so English is weak.
      Feb 3
    • realDTrump
      Is this the new scale system? Mine was 710/800 in the old system not sure how it matches to the new system
      Feb 3
    • Amazon psjisjw
      The new system gives scores between 260 (min) and 360. 301 is an alright score I guess. I don't know how competitive NEU Seattle is.
      Feb 3
  • NEU(northeastern university) looks extremely ambitious
    Feb 3 2
    • Amazon ifTx37
      It's NEU Seattle campus. I know NEU Boston is beyond reach
      Feb 3
    • My bad OP
      Feb 3


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