Seattle proposes to triple per-ride tax

American Express gandalf$$
Sep 20 10 Comments


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  • Uber fistulum
    Vote the idiot out of office!
    Sep 20 3
    • Microsoft TrumpWins
      Be very careful with that. Her opposition consists of socialist community organizers. There could also potentially be 3 members of the socialist alternative party sitting on city council this November
      Sep 20
    • Amazon ey98tdkx
      Seattle is just fucked in general.
      Sep 20
    • Pandora x0kjF
      What a shitshow
      Sep 20
  • Rakuten / Ops

    Rakuten Ops

    Rakuten USA
    Obligatory: YoE 20, TC 41k. Such is life for us non-SWE office monkeys!
    To fund proper mass transit? 100% in favor.
    Sep 20 0
  • Apple jsh46asdf
    Honestly I wouldn’t mind it. The money would go towards finishing the street car which would be great. The low income housing part sucks but the street car would be good. And it’s only $0.51 a ride which isn’t that bad.
    Sep 20 0
  • Uber / Product twisties
    WTF is the “streetcar”? The damn article never explained that. Awful writing
    Sep 21 1
    • Apple jsh46asdf
      There’s 2 streetcars (modern trollies) right now one goes through SLU and one goes from pioneer square up to first hill. Alone they aren’t all that useful but the plan is to add sections that combines them. If it was a single line it would be incredibly useful for getting around downtown.
      Sep 21
  • Instructure OUtj13
    Yes, $0.51 is really going to send people over the edge 🙄.
    Sep 20 0
  • Facebook bjivfe
    Uber and lyft will just pass that on to riders
    Sep 20 0


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