Seattle startup ecosystem

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Feb 11 25 Comments

For such a large & prosperous city that has a ton of tech talent, the tech startup scene in Seattle sure sucks.

Why is it so?


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  • MSFT and AMZN guys do not give back to the community.
    Feb 1112
    • ServiceNow MrPibbs
      What do you mean “start something”? Also, why would they give money to startups with no expectation on return? They’d put that money into their own R&D.
      Feb 11
    • You just answered the question LMAO! Bay Area folks give money with no expectations on return.

      You get it?
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft star 🤖
      Mmm Facebook is well known for acquiring startups so they don’t become a threat, is this a good way give back to the community?
      Feb 11
    • You MSFT mofo just don’t get it right? FB buying companies is not defined as giving back.

      Look at how many companies started by ex-FB guys and open your eyes.

      Now tell me how many companies started by ex-MSFT guys.
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft star 🤖
      I don’t know and I didn’t track. Tell me which companies are started by FB people, would love to know the list
      Feb 11
    • Asana Quip Cloudera Quora Storm8 Path MemSQL AppSumo and so many others. Oh also Social Capital.
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft star 🤖
      Ok let me google this for you: company founded by Microsoft alum and already exit before 2011- realnetworks, Zappos, Expedia, Flipboard, valve, picnik, pure network, twango, ilike, Zillow, Glassdoor, stack overflow, cranium, docverse, intellectual this enough for you, Microsoft hater?
      Feb 11
    • Never heard of picnik, cranium, docverse, intel venture or twango.

      And since when did Flipboard exit? And a lot of them are based in Bay Area , not Seattle. The main point of the discussion.
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft star 🤖
      You never heard about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They go to Bay Area because that’s where they get the money and talent at that time, plain and simple. When there are more investors and talents here like now, there will be more startups. Also the company you mentioned I dun think create more jobs than Zillow Expedia though
      Feb 11
    • Sigh. You are again confused. We are talking about startup scenes between Bay Area and Seattle. When did we start talking about # of jobs created???

      Tech companies are not known to create large number of jobs.
      Feb 11
  • Microsoft naaam
    Saudi guys prefer the warmth of California.
    Feb 112
    • You just have to bring politics into each and every blind post is that right? I bet you gonna lick Saudi princes’ balls if they drop Ben Franklin all over you.
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft naaam
      Mr.Snowflake, where did politics come into picture here? It's a well known fact that middle Eastern money was/is a major reason for the startups getting funding. It is also a well known fact that wealthy from middle East have more residences and presence in California compared to Washington.
      Feb 11
  • Microsoft naaam
    Startup story in Seattle has just started.
    Feb 111
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    Seattlelites are risk-adversive
    Feb 110
  • New DvVM00
    money is in the valley. new grads (cheap naive labor) is centered around stanford.
    Feb 110
  • Airbnb RQFr68
    Second hand info from a few friends who have had success in the Bay and tried in Seattle:

    Fewer investors interested in tech outside of cloud, fewer investors in general, more risk averse with lower raises, network of talent is larger and more concentrated in the Bay.
    Feb 110
  • AIG / Product


    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Seattle is cosy enough for settling down! However, there are quite a few startups there
    Feb 161
  • Microsoft DangerRngr
    Seattle’s money is made from employees’ stocks. Bay Area money is made from entrepreneurship. Oversimplification, yes, but that’s smoothly it.
    Feb 180

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