Second chance at Groupon

Discover Financial Services / Data ufRO32
Apr 18 7 Comments

I recently went through the onsite interviews for an analytics position at Groupon. Didn't not get an offer although the feedback on tech skills and all rounds except the bar raiser was good. Can I apply to another role and expect to interview again or does Groupon not give a second chance?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Groupon / Product JmzD47
    DM me. I can refer for other openings
    Apr 18 0
  • New wrcS08
    Groupon why?
    Apr 18 1
    • Discover Financial Services / Data ufRO32
      Looking to break into the tech industry and Groupon is a great option in the Chicago area. I liked the overall company culture and with where they currently are at, there's good potential for some interesting work within analytics and data science.
      Apr 18
  • New / Eng jpasserby
    It doesn't hurt to try! Try asking the hiring manager or recruiter, or just reapply again regardless.
    Apr 18 0
  • Groupon gfdds
    Apply again, ask the recruiter
    Apr 23 2
    • Discover Financial Services / Data ufRO32
      I did. No response from the recruiter.
      Apr 23
    • Groupon nobodyimp
      IM me
      Apr 27