Secret society’s

Ericsson / Engrawr🙈🙉
Mar 14 8 Comments

I love reading about these. Especially the ones at the universities in the states like at Yale, Cornell, etc. Anyone ever been in one? I know you’re not supposed to tell, but your secrets are safe with blind 😜


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  • Tableau krxi15
    Blind is a secret society.
    Mar 140
  • We yanked each other off and swallowed, that's why we don't talk about it
    Mar 141
  • Salesforce SSCU75
    Secret society's what?
    Mar 140
  • BNY Mellon NWPL87
    I've been considering trying to join the Freemasons, but not sure if I really have the after work energy for it.

    I know that at level three, Master Mason, all the other secret societies may open up to you via invitation. Do a Google map search of Masonic lodges in NYC and you will see about 100 different entities contained between 23rd and 36th street. I imagine most of them are individual sects that may study the teachings of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, and other Qabalahistic paths. It's a world I would very much enjoy investing in.

    I've also heard stories of groups you can only join when you possess no knowledge of their existence.
    Mar 141
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      I have a friend of a friend who was level 1 a couple years back. Apparently, you learn a bunch of sacred geometry for a while
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft unfanged
    These clubs are all about inflating their already large egos. And forming bonds between these high ego people and working on small projects that they think help make the world a better place, but actually don’t. Bonds are formed through lots of alcohol and weird initiations.
    Mar 140
  • Amazon JoshO1995
    I was in a marching band fraternity in college, does that count?
    Mar 140

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