Seeking New Grad SWE Referrals

Oracle wltr_white
Sep 25

Hello Blind Community!

I am a recent grad and will be graduating in May of 2020. I am currently seeking referrals for New Grad SWE Positions at Adobe, Paypal, Facebook, Salesforce, Visa, Twilio, Google, Lyft & Pinterest.
Just in case if you wanna know who you’re referring, here’s something about me:
1. MS in CS from one of the top 50 in the US.
2. Interned at one of the dying tech giants in the last summer
3. LC status: slightly north of 200 questions with a mix of majorly easy and mediums and a few hard ones.
4. Interested in: Backend Dev, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning

I’ll be more than happy if you’d wanna connect and discuss anything!


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