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Cisco eeDB24
Feb 21 10 Comments

Currently with Cisco

Base 29.5 Lacs, 15% bonus, about 22K USD Stocks per year which total CTC to approx. 51Lacs

Situation at my group in Cisco is not good so need to change

Have new offer at hand,

Base 39 Lacs, 15% bonus and 8K USD stocks per year which total CTC to approx 50.5 Lacs

My concern is part of stocks in Cisco are vesting in mid June (approx. worth 10.5Lacs) and new company is asking me to Join in first week of May. Potential loss if I join in May that I lose all stocks. Second concern is Cisco mid year bonus which is suppose to be paid on March 22 but if I resign in next week (considering 2month notice) may be manager will not pay me bonus (loss of approx. 2.25Lacs). Third concern is I did relocate using Cisco relocation policy with signed bond of 2years out of which 1 will be served by May. May need to return part of relocation bonus (don't know how much as it was managed move).

Basically stuck at Cisco and want to join new opportunity considering it's good for my career.

Should I bear this much loss just because new company is asking to join 1month and 10days before anticipated day? Please guide.


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  • Amazon @&86/)/?3
    OP, what’s your skill set and yoe? Your offers look awesome.
    Feb 23 3
    • Cisco eeDB24
      Are you part of Amazon India? What's your TC and YOE?
      Feb 26
    • Amazon @&86/)/?3
      No, in US. Not with Amazon anymore
      Feb 26
    • Cisco / Eng ekdamkadak
      Approx. 6.5 years of experience primarily big data technologies
      Apr 27
  • LinkedIn Despotcool
    I have been in this boat before. Speak to your new potential employer and ask for additional time. Tell them your concern. They will likely help you out.
    Feb 21 2
    • Cisco eeDB24
      I have already spoken to them. They are saying they won't be able to pay me premium salary and wait that much. They have underlying risk of me not joining company if they give me more time.
      Feb 21
    • New / Eng sparked
      If they aren’t willing to be flexible now that is a definite red flag for the future.
      Feb 22
  • Cisco eeDB24
    So thinking of saying politely no to company saying would be able to join only if joining date is extended. (With hope that they will say ok for later joining date). Bigggest Gamble of my life.
    Feb 23 1
    • Intel Inteltired
      Just curious what grade are you in and how come you are getting 22k usd stocks ?
      Feb 23
  • B.dream
    The desicion depends on how good is your new employer is, if it's an opportunity you should not miss then bite the bullet. Also talk to your employer, most likely they will give you time to join if you explain the situation and show your commitment to joining. If not an urgent hiring, the recruiter's only worry would be you negotiating with a counter offer or declining the offer. So take a call.
    Feb 21 0