Self driving companies are going down. What's next big thing now??

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Aug 21 15 Comments

Leading self driving companies are going down. They can't get driver out of car. They stopped commenting on their launch timeline. Funding is going to dry up soon. They don't have good business model yet let alone the tech is not ready.

What's next?? Looking to move out of Twitch.


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  • Adobe / R&D Spidey™🕸️
    Which Self-Driving Car company are we talking about here? 'cause if by leading Self-Driving Car companies you mean Waymo, Zoox, Cruise, ArgoAI and Aurora, I don't see them slowing down anytime soon.
    Aug 21 1
    • It is just that it will take a longer time duration than earlier expected for these companies to sustain and prove that Self driving cars is the next logical step forward.
      Aug 26
  • Google bhenstoke
    They aren't going down. Lol
    Aug 21 1
  • Symantec GoRams
    Bitcoin. Wait is it 2017?
    Aug 21 0
  • New P67193
    The ride services are ancillary to the research atm, imo. Most of these guys are in it for the long play and it becomes a longevity game for survival
    Aug 21 0
  • Walmart raise
    The crash is far. The peak hasn’t even been achieved. I am not saying it won’t crash but it is far. For it to crash, self-driving companies have to start the service. Waymo has already shown that the problem can be tackled. So once the services start, we would see if the operating costs outweigh the revenue.
    Aug 21 3
    • Google emc2too
      It will be economic crash that will pull down self driving companies too. Anyone who is not making money will be gone.
      Aug 21
    • Meetup k72vb
      So what you’re saying is GM/Cruise wins it all
      Aug 21
    • Google emc2too
      I don’t know who survives. Google cash may help waymo.
      Aug 21
  • Microsoft orki
    except tesla, which has the most viable self driving business.
    Aug 25 2
  • Amazon vhLi28
    Self driving companies have realized they can't compete with the OEMs (I don't consider Tesla an OEM, Tesla will be done soon). OEMs have formed a bunch of consortiums to collaborate and to share the risk. My advice is forget about non OEMs that haven't been tier 1s for quite a while. Those tech startups appear to OEMs as some toy makers that want to do military grade armor.
    Aug 22 0
  • Google emc2too
    The crash is next
    Aug 21 0


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