Senior Associate - to travel or stay at client site?

The Home Depot LRlw47
Oct 2 4 Comments

I am getting an offer with a management consulting firm with two options:

1. I can choose to stay local and travel to client site Monday-Thursday. In this case, I’ll avoid the relocation hassle plus avoid any cost that’ll incur due to breaking the lease and some current comapny initial reimbursements. Here, I’ll also get the perks of increasing the miles.

2. Relocate to client site. I’ll get $5k more in the base salary from option 1. This will make my life easier as I won’t have to travel every week. I’ll have to suffer the cost of breaking the lease and current company’s paybacks.

I am really confused on which option to opt. any personal experiences/advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Cisco Snafu01
    Traveling gets old. Quick.
    Oct 2 0
  • Cognizant shr
    If you don’t like travel by air then don’t do so. If you have family then don’t do travel like this
    Oct 2 0
  • Microsoft


    Sup, brah?
    I’d go with 1. Get the miles and stay where you’re at, but you really have to weigh whether or not frequent travel is for you.
    Oct 2 0
  • The Home Depot LRlw47
    The company now came back asking me to move to client site and I’d have to relocate, it seems. I am trying to push for an increase in relocation/signing bonus.
    Oct 4 0


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