Senior Care in Dallas

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Jul 22, 2018 3 Comments

Have questions about the past? Wonder why everyone leaves so quickly? How have they managed to stay in business?


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  • New zspk23
    Issues at the facilities are MOSTLY confined to individual facilities. Issues such as billing, refunds etc. all go thru Corporate and those are pretty universal.

    In the facilities there are people that care for the residents and those that don’t. That isn’t exclusive to Senior Care in anyway shape or form. Look at the employees at a facility and if they are happy and don’t seem fake toward you then you’ve found a good home for a loved one.

    Do ask questions to Administrator and Social Worker. Ask when their last yearly state audit was. Ask what deficiencies were found. Ask how long they have been with the company, the DON, their RVP or DVP. Ask if they have had services shut off at the building (power,water,phone,internet,grounds keeping,laundry etc.) If you can’t get quick and complete answers that satisfy you then you need to leave. Just stand up and walk out.

    Walk the halls. If you have a pervasive smell of anything more than cleaner or antiseptic, keep note of that. It typically means they aren’t cleaning as they should. I am not saying that you got a whiff of something bad as you walked down the hall. I am talking something so strong no matter where you walk it assaults your nose.

    Remember that you or your family member is paying to live there. This includes if they are utilizing Medicare/Medicaid to do so. The facility ultimately works for you and the other families there, not the other way around.
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      Jul 22, 2018
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    Lots of billing disputes and issues in their online reviews. Sounds like you want to answer the questions you’re posing... go ahead. I will need to choose one of those for family members sooner or later and it would be good to understand what to watch out for?
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