Senior DevOps -> Lead Engineer

Oct 28 7 Comments

Currently senior devops engineer but considering taking advantage of the company hiring several lead engineers.

I’m curious if the jump makes sense given I’m in my early 20s and I’ve only held my senior position for about 6 months. From a quality of life standpoint I’d be busier than I am now and only for $30k to $50k additional along with a title bump. (assuming a bit here) My life wouldn’t change much without it.

I’d like to add that I’m known as an extremely reliable technical resource and one of our strongest engineers. I also fit the job requirements and I passed the technicals for the role (benchmarked me for comparison)

Is it worth it from a career perspective or should I hold much more time as a senior level engineer.

Yoe: 6+ years
Salary: $140k



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  • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
    Wtf, Devops\SRE are same rank as swe, why switch
    Oct 28 6
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      I mean it's even better to be Devops, than software engineer... There's same pay scale and even higher demand
      Oct 29
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      I saw SWEs switch to Devops and SRE for salary increase (my friend at LinkedIn for example... Staff level...)
      Oct 29
    • Gotcha, I don’t know that I’ll be moving away from DevOps entirely. I’ve been primarily DevOps for most of my career and I’ve got a ton of experience.

      One of my reasons for looking to move to a lead engineer position is for long term growth; having a lead role in my background at a successful financial company feels like it will help advance my DevOps career further.

      I’m also exploring the option of shaping the role into a lead DevOps engineer role; that would give me the leadership experience and keep me closer aligned with my current path.
      Oct 29
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      Yeah if it's just for the lead title it makes sense, but how a Devops can suddenly lead software development? It'll be weird on the resume. They will not believe you in the future and think you led a weak team (Devops can't one day wake up good enough to lead a strong swe team).
      Nov 2
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      Better try to become the Devops lead. Or find next position as a Devops lead if it's impossible to grow in current company.
      Nov 2


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