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Amazon Ivy_Avon
Aug 14 4 Comments

I am currently interviewing with multiple teams at Microsoft for a Senior UX Designer role. I've been asked for my salary expectations on a pre-interview form, and I do not plan on providing this. Either way I'd like to be prepared so I did some research and found that there is a lot of variance based on a couple of factors:

Level 63 v. 64: According to the base for a L63 (SDE, since there's no info on designer salaries) is on average $155k with a high of $164k whereas for L64 it's an average of $175k and a high of $250k. I would understandably like to be considered at L64 - how do I know if I am? Should I just ask the recruiter?

Equity: this varies wildly (from $7k to $100k per year), probably because of when each of the offers were made. Is there a rule of thumb around how much to expect, either based on the level or base salary or both?

And finally putting these together, what would be a reasonable vs. ideal TC package to keep in mind as I go through the process?

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  • Amazon / Design AndyJazzy
    Hey OP, did you end up getting the offer? What did you go in for?
    Nov 6 0
  • Microsoft Janice M
    Likely going to be L63. I would ask for at least $170k base.
    Aug 16 2
    • Amazon Ivy_Avon
      Thanks for your response, but that seems to be outside the range reported on levels. Is 170k within the range of an l63?
      Aug 20
    • Amazon Ivy_Avon
      Any insights on equity and what to ask there?
      Aug 20


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