Sent an email to Team Blind. Acknowledged!

Yahoo oynta
Jul 10 15 Comments

Mentioned the recent issue of trolling in the posts where users bullied and harassed other users and targeted Albertsons company employees. Provided 30 links. Complaint is acknowledged by team blind. Also my account is unblocked within 24 hours.

I also saved link to this post and took the screenshot - just in case people bully this post trying to flag it. I can simply report the link to this post and the screenshot.


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  • Amazon •OP
    Bullying Albertsons? I have seen more praise for that company lately than for all the other top tech companies.
    Jul 10 2
    • Uber gfgg
      Jul 11
    • Yahoo oynta
      > "Bullying Albertsons? I have seen more praise for that company lately than for all the other top tech companies."

      Those who have been active on the blind for the last three months, it is easy to decode delusion in the above statement. Some users are themselves part of the problem here. I had several links with trolls on Albertsons, and bullying while trying to stop trolls in general.
      Jul 11
  • Amazon ljfhfg
    Omg, is Alberston a real company? (I'm genuinely surprised, because of all the trolls I thought it was a fake thing they made up to laugh at).
    Sorry for that.
    Jul 10 0
  • Microsoft hworld
    Good job.

    Done for the day?
    Jul 10 1
    • Verizon Media ojsdh
      I also truly hope I could find your posts and report your trolls and harassments which violate blind policies. Good luck and try harder blocking me. I work on the facts and proof. All of my posts and comments were so much abused by the trollers.
      Jul 10
  • Why was your account blocked in the first place? For thinking Albertsons employees need defending themselves?
    Jul 10 1
    • Yahoo oynta
      > "Why was your account blocked in the first place?"
      My posts and comments were bullied and also when trying to stop the trolls.

      > "Albertsons employees need defending themselves?"
      Ideally, Albertsons users should have reported the problem. My complain happen to defend them because the trolling and bullying affected my posts and comments also.
      Jul 11
  • Microsoft


    Troll living under the I-5 overpass
    Lol. Quite nothing like professionals behaving like kindergarteners on either side of the fence.
    Jul 10 1
    • Indeed wajahat
      Both sides.

      Fine ...

      Jul 10
  • Verizon Media ojsdh
    I was blocked two weeks ago for trying to stop trolls. Thanks for sharing. I will also send the email with more such troll and harassment links. I truly hope blind can permanently block those accounts.
    Jul 10 1
    • Amazon ?🤔
      So you are upset you were blocked, and now you want to get several other people permanently banned🤔.
      Sounds like an 👁️ for an 👁️.
      Jul 11
  • Clover Health sses
    Jul 10 0
  • Cisco byndinfini
    Dude.. 🤥
    Jul 10 0


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