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Symantec gurly^•^
Jun 17 18 Comments

I got verbal offer from hiring manager at ServiceNow in San Diego for backend software developer position. What kind of compensation can I expect?

YOE: 4(2yrs relevant dev + 2yrs non relevant qe)
Current TC: 105k


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  • Qualcomm Qc5g
    $112,500 + stocks. Let us know what you end up getting.
    Jun 17 5
    • Symantec HotterPead
      How much in stocks can I expect?
      Jun 18
    • Qualcomm Qc5g
      Is your current job in San Diego ? Do you have unvested stocks from your existing company. How much ?
      Jun 18
    • Symantec HotterPead
      Yes, currently in SD. No stocks for my level at current company
      Jun 18
    • Qualcomm Qc5g
      I believe you may get 40 -60k worth of stocks as your initial grant. Do let us know what offer you receive.
      Jun 18
    • Symantec HotterPead
      No numbers were given. I asked for 135k-140k base. Was told what I asked was too high
      Jun 18
  • ServiceNow SurficeNow
    What level is it? Senior or not?
    Jun 17 4
    • Symantec HotterPead
      Not senior. I think Intermediate level
      Jun 17
    • ServiceNow SurficeNow
      Cool. The first offer they give will be around $120k total comp.

      You can probably negotiate up to $115k base + $100k stocks over 4 years.
      Jun 18
    • Capital One

      Capital One

      Woman struggling to pass interviews
      What would it be for a senior role?
      Jul 23
    • New / Design

      New Design

      UXD, UXR, PD
      At ServiceNow it’s easier to ask for more stock over higher pay.
      Sep 17
  • Veritas vdlSucks
    I have my numbers for service now for l4 @ Santa Clara
    1) 160 k base
    2) 15% bonus
    3) 135k stocks for 4 years vesting.
    4) 25k signing bonus.
    Jun 26 2
    • Microsoft PMlord
      Do you have any idea how those numbers compare to San Diego?
      Jun 26
    • Salesforce spichalni
      How many YoE does l4 map to?
      Jun 28
  • Veritas vdlSucks
    I interviewed at Santa Clara, for a l3 (senior position) full stack. After the interview I got a verbal offer from recruiter the next day saying they would actually want to hire me for l4. I have 5 years exp, masters from a very good university. I still am to receive an offer as they are still deciding on the stock options. But the base numbers look as follows after confirming the numbers from recruiter.
    1) Base 160k.
    2) bonus to be paid bi-annualy (15% = 7.5% + 7.5%)
    3) some signing bonus not decided yet.
    4) RSU over a period of 4 years.
    Hope this helps. Also let me know if the community thinks I am being low balled. I have 2 other offer from other very good companies (not FAANG though. I excelled their onsite tech but still dint get offer) and they know this.
    Jun 25 2
    • ServiceNow / Eng SNOW IC3
      How much RSU? Did you accept the offer?
      Jul 17
    • Veritas vdlSucks
      Jul 18
  • Veritas vdlSucks
    No idea dude. I would think 5-10% reduction in comp total would be fair, I could be wrong though.
    Jun 26 0