Setting aside party preference on the government shutdown

Nielsen / Eng

Nielsen Eng

Jan 10 12 Comments

Is this not a zero sum move for Trump? All the Dems have to do is wait. Eventually people will be forced to quit these jobs to find immediate income and he's immediately lost them as voters. I don't see how Trump wins in all this. Would like to hear other opinions.


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  • Microsoft tingtang
    The only way Trump wins is if he gets his wall or somehow convinces Americans to believe the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown.

    With his base, this moves makes him much more of a God. With the rest of the public, Trump loses - even the slim margin of moderate and swing voters that still exist.

    Trump is effectively gambling on his base being strong enough to carry him again in 2020. But I think that base is shrinking rather than growing.
    Jan 10 0
  • Microsoft leet_away
    The Democrats look like they don’t care about border security. They appear to care more about the illegals than about Americans. They also appear to be bitter obstructionists since they voted for additional border fencing in the past, on several occasions but now they claim it’s suddenly medieval/symbol of hate/ineffective etc. The truth of course is more complicated but there’s a lot of people who will have that perception. And that’s how Trump wins.
    Jan 10 5
    • Microsoft tingtang
      Yes, Trump’s base. I don’t think many moderates would view it like that.
      Jan 10
    • Bank of The West

      Bank of The West

      Cisco, eBay, NetApp, VMware
      Yeah that is truly that base which isn’t much on this issue. Trump is fuming as he cant find an easy way out.
      Jan 10
    • Microsoft leet_away
      There are too few moderates left. Hence this bet on the base.
      Jan 10
    • Apple hMWF54
      But Trump said he is responsible for the shutdown, his own words.
      Jan 10
    • Microsoft / Eng leet_away
      Which again appeals to the anti big-government base...
      Jan 10
  • General Motors hdhdj
    No matter what 30% will invent new reasons to continue worship him!
    Jan 10 0
  • Intel Jopdi(78
    Government workers are almost all Democrats anyway.
    Jan 10 0
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    He doesn't care and in fact it helps him make the case for more "privatization" as now he can say we functioned just fine with the government shut down and people quitting means cheaper payroll.
    Jan 10 0
  • Amazon Qbbn
    In the end he is unlikely to lose more support over this, and can just blame the incoming Dem wave. The actual argument over what amounts to pennies in US budget is laughable.

    The worst part about the identity politics is for those being in the middle. Both parties make you out to be a brainless sheep. I'm here enjoying the next season of America tho. Fun!
    Jan 10 0
  • New me2you.
    Trump will point out the non criticality of many of these government jobs which are basically jobs programs for those who cant make in the private sector.
    Jan 10 0

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