Severance without signing an NDA

Sephora bAANms
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My previous employer laid me off and pressured me to sign an NDA. I chose not to, and by doing so, gave up the severance. The company was trying to bury information that would hurt the company's reputation and financial dealings. My finances were stable so I was able to turn down the severance. A couple other co-workers were laid off in the following weeks and they ended up signing the NDA even though they didn't want to. They needed the money. Has anyone found a legal workaround for a situation like this?


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  • Amazon gemalto
    What was the damning information???
    Jan 3 0
  • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
    Seriously, why wouldn't you blow the whistle if you didn't sign it?!

    Also, to answer your question: of course not! Severance is not required. Neither is an NDA.
    Jan 3 0
  • / Other
    gtfoorgtfo Other

    The information isn’t worth anything unless there is a buyer.
    Jan 3 0
  • Check Point / Sales knKA34
    If Sephora has committed a crime, ndas are null and void. MeToo proved that. If you refused the $$ are you contemplating reporting them?
    Jan 3 1
    • UPS Ufgk43
      They should not without consulting a lawyer. Whether or not they should is entirely dependent on a lot of factors we have no idea about.
      Jan 3
  • Okta nfc
    If it was illegal activity, you should report.

    If it was just bad news, don't fuck over your old colleagues.
    Jan 3 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay
    No. That’s just dumb. Sign it
    Jan 3 0
  • Cisco / Eng yohellow
    Sign it
    Jan 3 0
  • Amazon random95
    That makes sense, Sephoras discounts are not as good any more.
    Jan 12 1
    • Amazon random95
      Although OP might be talking about not Sephora
      Jan 12
  • Postmates / Other

    Postmates Other

    Wikimedia Foundation
    Thinking about thinking 🤔
    They are difficult to enforce might as well sign it
    Jan 6 0
  • Check Point / Sales knKA34
    Hey “Monocle” read the original post. He/she refused the money and didn’t sign the paperwork. Have been living under a rock this last year?? It appears so.
    Jan 3 0