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Amazon ckwojx
Mar 12 14 Comments

Could you please let me know any reliable company who does household items move from USA to India ? I talked to DHL and FedEx they said they handle only business-to-business ocean Freight. As I am moving out, I need to ship used furnitures, mattresses, toys, kitchen utensils, etc

UniRelo, UniversalRelocations looks to be a below the par company.


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  • Citrix Systems peda
    Are you taking internal transfer ? Can you please tell your yoe and what company will you be joining at India if not amazon ?
    Mar 12 4
    • Amazon ckwojx
      Mar 12
    • Citrix Systems peda
      Why are you smiling ?? Answer to the question lazy ass !!
      Mar 12
    • Pinterest / Eng drogonpin
      Lol peda why donโ€™t you answer opโ€™s question
      Mar 12
    • Citrix Systems peda
      Yeah to answer ops question, companies like amazon will have internal transfer tools and they pay relocation also , So I would suggest them to explore that .
      Mar 12
  • Apple hakunanaMa
    Mar 12 0
  • Google ePLs24
    I ended up with universal relocation when moving into the US from Europe. They were horrible. The person who delivered the goods repeatedly dropped stuff on the floor.
    Mar 19 1
    • Amazon cicici
      Thanks for your reply
      Mar 23
  • Microsoft / Mgmt BigMaui
    R2I forums website should have plenty of information on what you need.
    Mar 13 1
    • Amazon ckwojx
      Thank u
      Mar 13
  • Microsoft


    Sorry to hear you're having to move to India ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Mar 12 0
  • Amazon / IT timefcuk
    You work at amazon so go and talk to amazon business center in your office (dhl) they will do it for dirt cheap rates. Will they do furniture? I dont know , i have shipped other stuff though.
    Mar 12 1
    • Amazon ckwojx
      They donโ€™t do for furniture. DHL and FedEx doesnโ€™t do household international shipment , they do only for B2B
      Mar 12
  • GE kTnh03
    Ebay ships internationally really well. I'm guessing you would have to arrange the transaction like a regards Ebay transaction though
    Mar 12 0