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Oct 30, 2017 8 Comments

New to the US. Pardon my naivety but where do you usually buy affordable clothes (tees, cotton pants, etc.) for daily use from?

Feel free to suggest more. Bought some winter clothes from TNF but too expensive and looking for office/casual wear that are reasonably cheap and good quality.


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  • Microsoft / Design Wubadub
    Depends on your fit and built. I personally like banana republic and jcrew for my body. Targets or Fred Meyers for white t-shirts, underwears, and white/black socks. They're also good for trendy stuff that you wear a few times a year. I suggest try to find a style you like then go for quality afterwards.
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  • Microsoft NCMV40
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  • Microsoft / Eng zxcvbnmlk
    Cheap and good quality are typically at the opposite ends of the clothing spectrum. A few good staple pieces at a higher quality retailer will last you long time. That being said, consignment stores can get you a high quality wardrobe in a smaller budget.

    I would never shop at Wal-Mart, personally. For kids I get off season sale priced clothes, pick up some items at Costco, Macy's, old navy, garage sales, friends, etc.
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  • SpaceX chbp55
    only Ross, TJ max, Marshals - a mixture of good brands and cheap rags for a really low price. and if you really want some super cheap second hand Gucci - Goodwill and Value Village if you are lucky. Bought a 24 inch IPS monitor from value village for 14.99 this weekend
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  • Yahoo asdf-0
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  • GoDaddy System.out
    Ross, Marshall’s , tj maxx ... all my branded stuff from there
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  • Pinterest


    Buy stuffs during sale
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  • Microsoft Danerys
    Uniqlo is good. You can shop in several sales during this season
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