Shopping for a new auto insurance

Facebook dodant
Mar 3 8 Comments

I recently bought a new car, and my insurance got tripled as I upgraded to a luxury car. I’ve been using Geico, but would like to shop for other local options that could offer me a better deal.

Is there any local agency that helps me to find a good insurance policy? I had one from another state, and they hooked me up with a local insurance company that is less advertised and provides a more affordable policy. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks! I’m in the bay area btw.


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Google / Engyogi bear
    I think you should also ask about claim/reimbursement experience besides premium.
    Mar 30
  • Salesforce / Engdhag2
    Try Metromile.
    Mar 30
  • Wells Fargo qUyB01
    How’s metromile at handling claims?
    Mar 30
  • Adobe myUe2$
    If your monthly mileage is low, take a look at Metromile. Been using it for a few years now and can't find anything even at a 20% premium over what I pay.
    Mar 30
  • New NoE
    My Safeco broker always give me good price
    Mar 30
  • Tesla / EngmrDonald
    If you drive a lot - geico. If not - metromile.
    Mar 30
  • Yahoo blehlzebub
    AAA, but use an agent.
    Mar 30
  • Facebook dodant
    Wow thanks both! I indeed find something dramatically cheaper through that website.
    Mar 30

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