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Short hikes, walking tracks near Bellevue

Microsoft fjdkd
Jan 1

New here. Can anybody suggest short hikes nearby - like within an hour’s drive ?
Also any nice walking/jogging tracks around Bellevue-Redmond area.
Looking for places where I can spend a fresh Sunday morning and be back by lunch.


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  • Intel / EngAyy lmao
    Rattlesnake ledge. There are also some short hikes in Issaquah
    Jan 10
  • Google / EngBluths They also have an app.
    Jan 13
    • Microsoft / Engqxnjsyg
      Deff get the app, it's great for hiking.
      Jan 1
    • Microsoft Kalsa17
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      Jan 1
    • Microsoft / Engqxnjsyg
      Do you need an ambulance Kalsa17?
      Jan 1
  • Airbnb 1515Sf$5
    Surrey Downs Park is excellent for a close walk.
    Jan 11
    • Amazon RawDog
      I believe it’s currently closed for construction right?
      Jan 1
  • Google eINi17 has everything you need. I'd say most of the easy nice trails are within 1hr drive, you won't ever run out of options.
    Jan 10
  • Microsoft / EngCoyoter
    Issaquah Alps, i.e. Cougar, Tiger, Squawk mountain all have good trails of varying length and intensity. Rattlesnake and poo poo can be annoyingly overcrowded, I usually avoid those.
    Jan 10
  • Microsoft iamhigh
    poo poo point is the closest moderate short hike. For walking/running, I used to go to Bellevue botanical garden, downtown park and mercer slough.
    Jan 10

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