Should I become a SRE? (system engineer)

New Lcja21
Feb 13 8 Comments

I recently got an interview request for a Linux System Engineer from Amazon. I'm a SWE with little to no experience as a SRE. Recruiter is probably just firing away interview invitations to everyone. But I also see this as an opportunity to potentially switch to being a SRE.

What is it like being an SRE at Amazon? Would this be a right career move for me? I generally like to actually code.... is it something I'm going to miss once I become a SRE?

YOE as SWE: 4.5


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Salesforce niYj50
    SRE as a job function is cool, but amazon doesn’t really have an SRE role as described in the Google SRE book. Amazon is more operational and purely sysadmin style work. Not recommended.
    Feb 13 2
  • Microsoft hf4ufd
    In theory being an SRE is awesome as you work on scalability/etc. In practice they work on livesites and tweak scripts. I'd avoid this move.
    Feb 13 3
    • Google fksgY
      Not here. SRE here hires SWE’s very frequently.
      Feb 13
    • Microsoft hf4ufd
      If you're an SWE at Google then this sucks? I should try to be hired as an SRE?
      Feb 13
    • Google fksgY
      What no. I meant that SRE is pretty legit and awesome at Google. SRE hires SWEs or SEs (System Engineers). If you are hired as SWE-SRE, the only difference is you can go to any other SWE project without interviews. (Same as pure SWE to pure SWE project change).
      Feb 13
  • New Lcja21
    Hm I guess I'm better suited staying a SWE then. Thanks!
    Feb 13 0