Should I join Oracle Design?

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May 28 10 Comments

I’ve heard that Oracle is making a serious push to design better software and they’ve hired a ton of people. Anyone able to comment on the experience and if it’s worth joining? Good leadership?


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  • Oracle / Design gavinBee
    Leadership is atrocious. They mean well but aren’t qualified. Some talented designers there but it’s a lot of Dribbble crap that will never go anywhere.
    May 28 0
  • Oracle #000cock
    Not if you’re a fully grown adult, no. It’s just a masturbatory exercise for a guy who’s failed upward his entire career and for a faux feminist who depends on male approval talking to Larry Ellison about how he designs his hotels. A few good designers left already and while plenty of strong talents remain most of them are looking.
    May 28 1
    • Microsoft king d
      Tell us more! 🍿
      May 29
  • I’d avoid. If you want to work in that space, look into MongoDB.
    May 28 1
    • Salesforce 243546
      Anything specific you’d avoid about Oracle? I do agree that MongoDB is much cooler. But Oracle isn’t just database they seem to have a lot of enterprise offerings.
      May 28
  • Workday / Design aDvENoMy
    Join Workday ;)
    Jun 28 0
  • Oracle boatracer
    Jun 11 0
  • Salesforce !Right
    I was at Oracle as a designer for awhile. I got a lot out of it and really liked the people there; obviously I left, but, I don’t harbor ill will towards the company or the leadership there. There are tons of interesting challenges and much of the work underway is beautiful.
    Jun 14 0
  • Oracle fandantan
    I like what I see for the most part. It’s a big change but it is what is needed. Can’t speak for all the new leads in the org but most look extremely talented and competent.
    Jun 14 0
  • Oracle CaffraZats
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