Should I make the move?

Qualtrics cccccccxxx
Jul 28 12 Comments

Have an offer to go to AWS. Qualtrics was my first job out of school and I've been here for 1.5 years.

Will making the jump to AWS help me careerwise?
Will having AWS on my resume help me get the attention of more recruiters?

I recently put my resume out there and got very few responses. That could be because of my resume or it might be because of my experience.

I am also looking at how this will help me grow more as an engineer; I think at AWS I'll learn more because of the sheer scale of the services there. Is this assumption correct?

Yoe 1.5
TC 145


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  • Apple powerlines
    You already know your answer
    Jul 28 1
  • Oracle / R&D TLead
    Go for it! While there are many PIP stories here about Amazon, I think these are skewed. If you are confident enough about your skills, you shouldn't worry about performing technically. While the number of hours at Amazon maybe high, if you think you could put up with it, then why not.

    After all, Amazon is a good company with a really good future. Plus them transitioning into various fields puts them into a competitive place in future. So having Amazon on resume will really help. This is my personal suggestion but I guess it may vary for many. I am just looking at it from a realistic perspective.
    Jul 28 0
  • I would suggest to go for AWS. Which team in AWS?
    Jul 28 1
  • Amazon yioggt53
    get some offers then decide
    Jul 28 1
    • Qualtrics cccccccxxx
      I tried to get interviews but for some reason I wasn't able to line many up
      Jul 28
  • Amazon AWSr1
    Yes. AWS is a brand now and will help you career wise
    Jul 28 0
  • Verizon Media / R&D gfi46rwT
    If you gey only 1 offer for now, I would say you have no choice. And Amazon is a good choice for making your resume better.
    Jul 28 0
  • Microsoft / Field Ops

    Microsoft Field Ops

    As with stocks, I think job experience is best diversified. 1.5 yoe is a little light to start diversifying, but if it’s the right move got you, then go for it.
    Jul 28 0
  • Amazon protonn
    I'd say go in as an sde2. Work on beefing up your resume for few more months first if you haven't already. LC and see if you get something better.
    Jul 29 1
    • Qualtrics cccccccxxx
      Thanks I think that's what I am gonna do.
      Jul 29


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