Should I move from Apple to Google?

Apple FUEj81
Jul 3 18 Comments

Joined Apple three months ago, with TC 250 k. Recently got an offer from Google, with TC 300k.

Actually I was interviewed by them at the same time. Google’s team match just took a super long time.

Should I move to Google? Or use the Google offer to negotiate a better pay at Apple?


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  • LinkedIn Wiener
    Do it
    Jul 3 0
  • $50k isn’t life changing do what you love and decide. If your Apple team are asshats then just go.
    Jul 3 0
  • Apple 🍎⌚️
    No, 3 months at a company you didn’t even taste how it’s like. Also you will not be perceived as been a professional.
    Jul 3 0
  • Apple ch3tp24
    Do it if you like the team. However ppl from third class companies like salesforce claiming tier 1/2, don’t listen to him. Google n apple both are very big companies and both have good n bad teams. Say u are going to work on internal job portal at google, is it really worth it ? You should consider the team , manager, growth n visibility.
    Jul 3 3
    • Apple ch3tp24
      @salesforce I don’t like mud singling and hence didn’t comment on your post. Without knowing a bs how can u compare ? Stay at salesforce that’s right place for u. Whether u received an offer or not doesn’t matter. U might have received offer from lowest group at apple since u came from salesforce don’t expect much.
      Jul 3
    • Apple ch3tp24
      Stay at salesforce. Better for everyone
      Jul 3
    • Apple MbsC35
      Go to Google if you like the role
      Jul 12
  • Amazon CsRr26
    Jul 3 0
  • LinkedIn LyDy86
    Factor in the marginal tax rate impact on that 50k.
    Jul 3 0
  • / Other
    Punani Other

    Yes. Do it
    Jul 3 0
  • Apple xUEdsjT
    I would rather work for Google but interested in the optics of quitting 3 months into a 250k job.
    Jul 3 2
    • Apple RoidRage
      I wouldn’t worry about the optics. Consider the roles, the opportunity, and the team bestie making the jump, not just comp.
      Jul 8
    • Nutanix ssnfk123
      Optics is the study of light. Why are we discuss optics here lmao
      Jul 24
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    • Snapchat Tonban
      BS tiers.
      Jul 3
  • Amazon thatright
    Go for it
    Jul 14 0
  • Apple HzLb45
    Do it
    Jul 14 0
  • Amazon thatright
    Yeah why not. Go for it.
    Jul 3 0
  • Amazon mkskd
    I would ask myself this,

    Is it the team
    Is it the pay
    Is it the prestige
    Or Is it you and not them ?
    Jul 3 0