Should I stay work at this place ?

New willk
Jul 10 5 Comments

I am 23 years old but I am the youngest one in the team. My Position is Hardware Technician/ Tech Support. There is one colleague or senior who has the same position as mine but since I joined to that company he never worked any support call at all if the caller is entry level or normal position people he said like 'can you go and help him?' but whenever the senior lv positions like VP/CEO calls he didn't let me support for them. The worst thing is that whenever he or the team order something from Amazon he wanted me to carry all the boxes from pickup area to office. I am new Immigrants here to United States and I don't have a degree from US. I only have degree from overseas. Is that related to this ? This company is full of one ethnicity and I feel like they only take care their people.



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  • Indeed egobruiser
    Trust your feelings. If you can move on, move on. Too much opportunity out there to get hung up with people who are making things unnecessarily painful.
    Jul 10 0
  • Cisco 7ssuucckks
    Trust your gut feeling in this. If you feel you're not being treated the same as everyone else, you probably are not. Move on before your self-respect hurts further.
    Jul 10 0
  • Intel Spikiera
    Get good at what you do, get the necessary education to get where you wanna be, gain leverage, so when shit like this happens, you can walk away and find better opportunities out there. Not an easy road though, takes time to develop your skill. If you can still learn something from your current position, keep learning, stay hungry
    Jul 10 0
  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    You just graduated and you're the new guy. Go get the boxes and stop complaining.
    Jul 10 1
    • New willk
      actually I have one year experience overseas. That position was kinda similar to Systems Engineer. But now I feel like they didn't approve I know Virtualization,AD,Ubuntu... etc
      Jul 10


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