Should I work at Google or Uber?

Workday guhzoo
Mar 14 14 Comments

HC approved for Google

Still waiting on Uber but onsite went well overall



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TOP 14 Comments
  • Indeed / Enggdgy57776g
    This is Blind. Answer to every poll is Google.
    Mar 143
    • TI IOlOl0
      Which is worst, Bing or google??
      Mar 14
    • Amazon / Engcayde
      Mar 14
    • Facebook Haggle
      Lol make the poll. Bet people will just pick google without looking
      Mar 14
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Google of course for the guaranteed bonus and refreshers every year. The gravy train keeps chugging every year!
    Mar 146
    • Uber zhdbwb
      Uber has both also (incidentally just came out this Monday).
      Mar 14
    • New WmjF76
      Can you elaborate? I had an impression that Uber always had bonus and refreshers
      Mar 14
    • Uber zhdbwb
      Oh we’ve always had them, I mean your personal numbers were made available this Monday
      Mar 14
    • New WmjF76
      Okay thanks! I recently heard that they changed their refresher policy to 4 year vesting period instead of 3, without changing the amount? Is it true?
      Mar 14
    • Google SF-ABC
      @WmjF76 Confirmed it's a 4 year vest for the refresher
      Mar 15
    • Uber fjrjejen
      Mar 19
  • BlackRock becauseof
    TC and yoe ?
    Mar 140
  • Apple V0OYS04T
    Do you have offer 😊
    Mar 140
  • Adobe / EngIwrkforRSU
    Do u have an offer from either?
    Mar 140

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