Should a BS & MS graduate from MIT or Stanford be also qualified as a professor at some low ranked University?

Amazon / Eng JkFde
Aug 17 12 Comments

Professor titles are like Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, Visiting Professor, etc.



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  • F5 Networks dontalk2me
    For those who don’t know,

    BS = Bull shit
    MS = Massive shit
    MIT = Massive invisible Turd
    Aug 17 2
    • New / Mgmt

      New Mgmt

      “More shit”
      PhD = pile higher and deeper
      Aug 17
    • Nintendo hvccvb
      Mgmt, do we need to talk to hr about your phd?
      Aug 17
  • BYTON cJKu57
    From what I have seen people generally upgrade college when taking job as assistant prof or prof.

    That being said one of my prof in a no name colg did bs at Carnegie Mellon ms at mit and PhD at Stanford. But was prof at a no name colg and I was so grateful to have taken few classes under him.
    Aug 17 2
    • Intel leet
      That’s quite the trifecta, wow
      Aug 17
    • BYTON cJKu57
      Exactly. And on top of that he worked at bell research lab (back in the day) and left as a fellow to take up teaching at my no name school.
      Aug 17
  • Dropbox pslallday
    How the fuck can some kid who got a B in Calc I get grants or teach the actual class to anyone?

    What kind of a dumb question is this?
    Aug 17 1
    • Amazon / Eng JkFde
      Wait for my next post 😘
      Aug 17
  • F5 Networks RRA
    A tenured professorship at a university--even a low ranked one--is a very cushy job.
    Aug 17 0
  • Google amaterasu
    There is a huge difference between the median and top undergrads at MIT. The former are likely unqualified, while the latter (IMO perfect scorers/Putnam fellows) are stronger than most graduate students at tier 2 schools. I know by interactions with both.
    Aug 17 0
  • Salesforce MrBigg
    OP are you from India?
    Aug 17 1
    • Amazon / Eng JkFde
      I'm mixed race.
      Aug 17


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