Side Hustle??

Amazon amuser
Jun 4 7 Comments

Are you involved in a side hustle and how far are you into it? When would you jump into it full time leaving your day job?
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  • Arrow / Eng HiPS
    If spending time is like spending money then how we invest our time should be just as diverse as how we invest our money.

    I have many irons in many fires for many reasons.
    It greatly helps with burnout as well as keeping motivation for less-than-challenging work.
    It keeps you open to fill, trim, and fill your dance card as new opportunities present themselves.
    Sometimes it’s for the money, and sometimes it’s for the experience of failing at something new, which is ok because you don’t need the money.
    Sometimes it’s fomo and that’s ok too.

    To bring it full circle, just like your investment portfolio, keep your goals in mind as you invest more of your time into new side hustles. Don’t forget your WHY.

    I’ll share something personal with you all. For a long time I was hell-bent on making enough money to retire early so I could spend (and invest) all my time at home with my two kids (5 and 7 at the time). I figured out some things that allowed me to work from home a significant part of my week but I was still in this work-grind mode so even when I was home with them I was ignoring them trying to make that money. One day I wrote this and it’s been on my phones home and lock screen ever since.

    Don’t work so hard to get tomorrow what you already have today.

    Don’t spend your days home with the kids all stressed out because you’re trying so hard to work so you can retire and be able to spend your days at home with the kids.

    You’re already there man. Enjoy it. :-)
    Jun 4 1
    • Amazon mauddib
      The worst part of this is that if you spend your time away from your kids when it's most important to be there and create those long lasting bonds, it will be really hard to make up for that lost time once you've made enough to be satisfied. It's self defeating.
      Jun 5
  • Have done contract work on the side in the past. Made some decent coin ($100 or $120/hr with a flexible schedule) but would never leave a FANG or unicorn for it.

    Also: Make a poll?
    Jun 4 4
    • Uber djib46gd
      How many total hours
      Jun 4
    • About 600. Was a few years back, when I was young and could handle it. Very hard on the mind doing 2 coding jobs.
      Jun 5
    • Uber djib46gd
      Wow. That's like 60k extra income
      Jun 9
    • Yup, it was around 60k after taxes. Enough to help put a down payment on a house without selling stocks (back then at least).
      Jun 9