Signing bonus gross up @ MSFT

Amazon pBOS62
Sep 21 3 Comments

Does MSFT signing bonus include gross up? Expecting return offer and cannot remember if they gross up the signing bonus or not. Will help in negotiating competitive salary.

TC: 245k


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  • Microsoft CuFN52
    It's been a while but I think my first half of signing bonus (signed after internship) was given Gross up then the second half after starting was taxed. This was roughly 5 years ago though. 5k before and 5k after for those wanting to know the numbers (I had no competing offers).
    Sep 21 2
    • Amazon pBOS62
      Interesting. I didn't realize any of it was paid up front. Thanks for help
      Sep 21
    • LG lzml
      It's not uncommon for newgrad offers when the start date is 6+ month away. It's a tactic they use to make it less likely for the newgrad to interview at other companies.
      Sep 21


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