Sincere help appreciated

Amazon gabisp
Oct 19 13 Comments

hi all,

very depressed due to the toxic culture at amazon.
i realize leaving amazon is the only way i can change my life. i do not want to be unemployed though.
can anyone help me with referrals for companies within seattle?
specifically looking into supply chain/ program management roles.

i would really be grateful for your support 😊


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  • Amazon gabisp
    I don’t want to work at amazon guys. I don’t want to explain the toxicity either. That’s a pointless and negative discussion. I’m trying to better my life and want real help here :)
    Oct 19 4
    • TcEs77
      Why do you think so? Perhaps, if you share your experience it would help other people to avoid some toxic orgs.
      Oct 19
    • Amazon gabisp
      You don’t even work there so please stop deriving fun out of someone’s sadness
      Oct 19
    • TcEs77
      Why does it matter if I work there or not? I'm not making fun of you, just saying that sharing your experience could help people who apply to Amazon and work there. But it looks like I've already understood why your working environment is so toxic. With such mindset, when you see offence in even simple questions it can't be different.
      Oct 19
    • Amazon gabisp
      Sure, clearly that’s the problem here 🙄
      Oct 19
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    You can always switch orgs/teams. Use tech survey to find teams with good cultures.

    Unless you’re not able to switch teams...
    Oct 19 0
  • Indeed jobs first to get an idea about salary and experience then come back here and get insight
    Oct 19 0
  • Accenture Bxpe83
    can u explain why amazon culture is toxic?
    Oct 19 3
  • Cohesity xcodeclang
    Toxic culture sucks, really suffer from it.
    Oct 19 1
    • Cisco yya
      Is Cohesity toxic as wel?
      Oct 19


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