Singapore software developer salary for 1.5 years of experience

Flipkart rhuk
Jan 11

Hi All, can anyone please guide me for the expected salary in singapore for 1.5 years of experience.


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  • Doing what / where?
    Jan 116
    • Flipkart rhuk
      Software developer
      Jan 11
    • Uber


      🌴 more
      What’s your friend’s years of experience
      Jan 11
    • Facebook / EngP::
      When did your friend join?
      Jan 11
    • Visa Ek8b23j
      Fb Singapore doesn't have engineering team
      Jan 11
    • Netflix tnCP40
      ^ false. They have BI/Network/Advertiser Solutions engineering here. And are moving two product teams (GRCN & Tools) as well. Plus the new $1b data center (
      Jan 11
    • Honestbee / Engplayer707
      what do you mean by moving two product teams? Are they relocating people to Singapore?
      Jan 14
  • Rubrik blindedog
    4-5K per month is norm
    Jan 111
    • Grab sophie147
      Definitely not unless it is startup
      Jan 14
  • Microsoft konh3
    I'm from Singapore. The pay for good developer can be 6-8k/month. Bonus > 3 months of salary.
    Jan 110

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