Skills I should learn to prepare for Amazon

New nDtt56
Jun 18 5 Comments

New grad.

Not from CS background, understood the job situation and prepared for DS, Algorithm interviews.

Only languages I know are C, C++. Don't know anything about Computer Science fundamentals, never had any professional experience in coding

Got into Amazon as only my DS, algorithm knowledge is tested for 3rounds.

Going to join in 1.5months

How and what should I prepare? Any recommended Coursera courses?


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  • Amazon broke&dumb
    Chill. Relax. Enjoy the vacation.
    Seriously. It'll be cool. Don't worry.
    Jun 18 0
  • Amazon / Data

    Amazon Data

    Google, Akamai Technologies
    Jun 19 0
  • Amazon LAxL08
    Welcome to the 2am sev2 pages 😎
    Jun 19 0
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    How did you prepare?
    Jun 19 0
  • Google topCon
    Get used to these 🍌
    Jun 19 0