Slow Google Offer Process

Apple BobM
Apr 17 11 Comments

Why is Google so slow in putting an offer and doing the team match appointments?

The recruiter ghosts for 1-2 weeks then comes back with news, when I was about to accept another offer.

It looks as if they’re stalling or trying to earn time, even though they know that I have 4 other offers waiting!

Also the recruiters never transmit written feedback.

Their process is a pure dark magic blackbox to me.

For people who are or have been working in G, how long did this team match process take?
Then how long to wait an offer?
I see some persons mentionning 5 months on some threads which seems insane. I do not think that several companies will wait 4 months for a hypothetical G offer which may be lower than theirs.

Since it seems they always lowball at first, how long to get a real offer after?

Thank you Blinders!


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  • Facebook izm1313
    Apr 17 3
    • Amazon dighit
      And store passwords in plain text.
      Apr 17
    • Facebook izm1313
      And no free food
      Apr 17
    • Amazon dighit
      Muh banana
      Apr 17
  • Google go ogle
    Because everything is slow here.
    Apr 17 1
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
      Yessss become nice and slow like the rest of corporate America
      Apr 17
  • Amazon leetN00b
    If you take one of the other 4 offers, they have a million other resumes.
    Apr 17 0
  • Salesforce csws
    My process there took months and they finally got back to me with a lowball offer after I had given up on them and accepted another (better) one.
    Apr 18 0
  • Amazon


    1. Have google offer.
    2. If low balled, do not accept, it is still valid for the remaining 12 months.
    3. Use the google offer to get the top position and/ or salary at other places (your next best company). Optional: See if Google can match this later.
    4. If you cannot succeed (3), at least you tried, accept google offer.
    Apr 17 0
  • I had experience working with two different recruiters in google where one was similar to what you have described here but the other was night and day different. So I think it might be your recruiter.
    Apr 17 0
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
    Sounds like a bad recruiter to me
    Apr 17 0