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Microsoft Snappie
Jul 27 4 Comments

incoming hew hire to Snap. I see commuter benefits and transportation options to and from the airport.

However, how do I otherwise get around during business trips, especially longer ones? Seems like no rental car option? Is there a daily allowance for Uber? Dont want to be limited only to work and the hotel so just wsnt to know if ill be paying for anything outside of that.


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  • Snapchat snap
    You are allowed to expense out your spending during a business trip. There are guidelines on how much you should be spending per day though.
    Jul 27 0
  • Salesforce FTRi65
    Didn't you get a corporate card? You just do what you have to do and expense. Lyft; taxi stands; whatever
    Jul 27 1
    • Microsoft Snappie
      Will find out I guess
      Jul 27
  • Snapchat Tldr00
    Email your recruiter or HR. Don’t ask blind.
    Jul 31 0


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