Snap (TC: 380K) vs Google (TC: 300K)

Microsoft snow
Mar 14 24 Comments

I have to choose between these options and looking for feedback. Both offers are for L4.


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  • Tumblr Olajuwo
    Snap if you enjoy working on a dying product
    Mar 145
    • Google / Engdavi5
      Mar 14
    • Amazon / Engjaffbazos
      Lol that's funny
      Mar 14
    • Hootsuite / EngHootDev
      I mean Olajuwo didn't say he doesn't like working for a dying product 😂
      Mar 14
    • Tumblr Olajuwo
      HootDev gets it
      Mar 14
    • Google / Engdavi5
      Mar 14
  • Wells Fargo rith
    If TC is your religion then snap else google
    Mar 140
  • Facebook gd5wv9
    I don't really agree with significantly discounting snap stock. Snap stock is publicly traded just like Google. It's higher risk but higher rewards. That's why it's priced the way it is. The risk is already factored into the market price.
    Mar 140
  • LinkedIn stuffy🐷
    Snap in LA? Probably Snap.
    Mar 140
  • Google / Eng


    14 yoe engineer in tech
    Google. Snap stock may easily lose value from here. Google engineering should be lot better.
    Mar 140
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    Good thing about snap stock is it is vested monthly.
    Mar 150
  • Google jardeen
    I would ask G to match. They will maybe get to 330k plus some bonus to top off. But the signal you get from G will be better in the long run than Snap.
    Mar 140
  • Snapchat wait4q1
    If you value work life balance then google
    Mar 140
  • Apple Freakzilla
    Mar 140
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Yahoo / Eng


      Mar 14
    • Mesosphere / EngOnesie
      That is indeed true.
      Mar 14
  • Groupon STCO30
    How much faith do you have in SNAP stock? If you have faith in it, then go with snap. Personally, I’d factor in your equity compensation being halved by vest time.
    Mar 141
    • Snapchat snapboy
      People were saying the same thing doubled since December
      Mar 17
  • Salesforce tensorchic
    Google. In few years, Google on your resume will get you hired by snap easily if you care for it. Google stocks are reliable in value.
    Mar 150
  • Square / Engsj42hc
    Too bad you didn't interview earlier and join snap at the beginning of this year.
    Mar 140
  • Google / Engdavi5
    Hard to say without a breakdown of salary/bonus/stock. Personally I would treat GOOG as cash value (& I personally divest as soon as it vests) but I would discount SNAP's stock because the history isn't rosy.

    Also depends how much you value stability vs. variance.
    Mar 140
  • Accenture / DataGachon
    Lol pfft.
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft snow
    Mar 140
  • Cloudera / Engthuglifey
    Mar 140

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