Snowflake IPO

Amazon lamardavis
Apr 9 7 Comments

I am interviewing with Snowflake and so far it seems to be going well. They have flown me out to San Mateo and it seemed to go well.

They mentioned that they are going public probably in a year or so. Do startups that are not public yet somehow give you RSUs? I have never worked for a startup yet.

Has anyone ever worked for a startup that went public? How did it work out for you?


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  • Codementor umzn70
    Off topic, but what kind of questions did they ask on your phone screen?
    Apr 9 2
    • Amazon lamardavis
      This is a non-engineering role that they interviewed me for. They are looking for someone to travel a few times a month and teach customers how to use their product. They asked me questions about my mentorship and teaching experience. When I came on site I did 20 to 30 minute lesson on a topic of my choice.

      Currently I am in an engineering type role at Amazon so not really sure if I would take a non engineering role at Snowflake. I guess maybe if the offer was really compelling then I might consider it.
      Apr 11
    • Codementor umzn70
      Thanks, much appreciated!
      Apr 11
  • Cloudera / Other

    Cloudera Other

    IBM, VMware
    Ivy league MBA, IIT
    There is also a lock up period of 6 months after IPO during which there will be at least 2 earnings reports. So significant risk on the table.
    Apr 9 1
    • Nvidia rtxon
      Yes but if you’re getting on at a early enough point strike price and value at grant is almost negligible compared to even a lackluster ipo valuation
      Apr 9
  • CEMEX / Eng jellybeanz
    It’s defo growing, my idea is that they will be doing really good. Great product
    Apr 9 0
  • Nvidia rtxon
    That’s the startup gamble! You’re getting either RSU or options at a strike price. If the company goes IPO you could stand to make a ton of cash. Otherwise you have equity in a company that you might not be able to sell or exercise if they fail.
    Apr 9 0