Office Life

So this guy just repeats everything our manager says

Bloomberg TCslayer
Jan 9

It's annoying af. He does it in all meetings and does it right after every single sentence the manager says. He does it only when the manager is around to try to kiss ass. When he is repeating he kinda laughs haha as if it's funny

I wish he does the needful and revert tf back to wherever he comes from. Did anyone experience something similar at work?


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  • Microsoft pock
    Is he mocking the manager?
    Jan 90
  • Google youngturd
    Andy Bernard has really influenced today's Tech workers.
    Jan 92
    • Blizzard others
      Nard dogs we out here
      Jan 9
    • Microsoft 4RunnerFTW
      Question is: Harvard or Cornell?
      Jan 9
  • Daimler stuttgart
    Repeat everything he says. Oh and copy his status message on company IM
    Jan 90
  • New / Engmichalumni
    He is looking to get promoted!
    Jan 90
  • Blizzard others
    Dick suckin
    Jan 90
  • Illumina / Other


    We have a guy who says “I totally agree” to the boss all the time.
    Jan 90
  • Square Umwut
    There is a junior member on my team always try to summarize what everyone just said. But does a poor job on it. It always annoys me
    Jan 90
  • Amazon tenders
    Don’t hate. He is just kindly doing the needful for those who prefer an accent.
    Jan 90
  • Facebook tGTv63
    As in when the manager is not around and he repeats what he said?
    Or just repeating after he said something?
    Jan 90
  • Bank of America blacKnight
    So do the needful for him
    Jan 90
  • Collective Health fallenFor
    Lmao do the needful and revert tf back LMAO!!!
    Jan 90
  • Amazon / Engsde3
    Call him out instead of trolling on blind?
    Jan 90

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