SoFi Personal loan

eBay / Eng scaala
Apr 2 18 Comments

Hey Blinders!

I applied for a personal loan from SoFi 6 months ago but got rejected.

Does anyone know if there is any cool off period. How long should I wait before reapplying for it?

Appreciate your help!

Visa - H1B
TC - 140k

Note - I need money for an urgent expense. I can repay it within 6-8 months


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Electronic Arts
    TC or GTFO. No seriously, we need to know how much your debt to income ratio is to help you.
    Apr 2 1
    • eBay / Eng scaala
      Apr 2
  • TaskUs autobats
    You can use credit cards. Most new credit cards have 0 introductory apr for 18 months. If you need cold hard cash you can use plastiq to liquidate and pay a 3% fee.
    Apr 2 1
  • New pcount
    New credit card with low APR on balance transfer (most deposit into bank account). Depending on card, will be 2-3% or even less.
    Apr 2 0
  • Salesforce
    baki hanma


    baki hanmamore
    why do you “need” a loan?
    Apr 2 0
  • GoodRx BobAxelrod
    You can go through Marcus or LendingClub.
    Apr 2 1
    • Goldman Sachs / Data gslobby
      Apply via Marcus, they will help you
      Apr 2
  • Huntington National Bank / Data bYk785
    Was there a reason cited for the rejection then? Did you have a decent credit history/credit score (700+) then?
    Apr 2 1
    • eBay / Eng scaala
      I had a credit score of 780+
      Apr 2
  • Vudu / Product SMnW81
    Try somewhere else
    Apr 2 1
    • eBay / Eng scaala
      Not many options for H1B folks
      Apr 2
  • Microsoft €%ds32&@
    What is the rate? If possible take loan from your 401k.
    Apr 2 1
    • eBay / Eng scaala
      9% APR
      Apr 2
  • Citibank excitiman
    Aug 2 0
  • United States Postal Service / Data rjncral
    Try Stilt
    Apr 7 0
  • Goldman Sachs not_Lloyd
    try marcus
    Apr 3 0
  • PayPal cpocpo
    Why not credit union? They give loans to F1 visa too
    Apr 2 0


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