Expedia Hey?
Apr 13 4 Comments

Any insights on what can be expected in the interviews for a senior engineer role at their Seattle office ?


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  • Capital One EXwk33
    I would check out glassdoor. It's usually the easiest place to get interview questions
    Apr 13 1
    • Expedia Hey?
      There is nothing there. Came here only after checking that. Almost all the ones over there are for different locations and not for Seattle :(
      Apr 13
  • BuildingConnected gronkowski
    All I can say is - incredible consumer app! No trading commissions, no atm fees, 2.25% interest on checking acct.

    Great company imo
    Apr 14 0
  • Microsoft jewkdir
    My recruiter was saying like people there are willing to put up any number of hours as if that is what would attract me. Former AWS guy is their VP of engineering - enough said about WLB.
    Apr 15 0