SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom?

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Apparently 80% of Sprint is owned by a company named SoftBank and a lot of T-mobile is owned by a company named Deutsche Telekom? Even if the merger were to go through would it really be to benefit America or these foreign companies? Is SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom well known outside of the US? I think I saw SoftBank in Japan...but that was awhile ago...


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  • Microsoft kFoK36
    Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile international which holds all T-Mobile companies world wide. Deutsche Telekom is the AT&Atlanta equivalent in Germany and big player in European telco market. It’s partially owned by the German government as majority shareholder.

    Pretty well known and public record
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    • T-Mobile EKVe82
      Somewhat correct at this point. Prior to being publically traded they were the parent company and sole owner. With the merger with MetroPCS in which tmus became a public entity, Deutsche Telekom became an 80% owner, but is no longer a parent company.

      TMUS is run by a board of directors, and most of those seats went to DT. In a merger with Sprint, softbank would likely get a percentage of seats as well
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  • SAP dees
    SoftBank is Japan’s version of Berkshire Hathaway I believe. They’re big into robotics and other areas. They purchased Boston Dynamics from google.
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  • T-Mobile EKVe82
    Part of the merger process is going through a government approval process that involves foreign investment is US companies
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